The Train

“Find the extraordinary in the ordinary…” The first sentence of the quote struck me the most and inspired me to write this short story. We often see trains come and go or in the case of our country, Philippines, come and stop and stop and stop and go for a little bit then stop. However, the point is that the train often go unnoticed and so here I am, writing for my love for The Coffee Bean and for others about the great uncrowned transportation.

I bought a train ticket going to a place I’ve never been to. I don’t even know exactly why I wanted to go this place. I just woke up one day and a mysterious intervention brought my feet to this train station.

When I rode the escalator going to the underground, I felt this sudden excitement. I’m not certain what caused that feeling, but I just knew that I’d be happy no matter where the ticket brought me.

I was about to get off the escalator when I saw a swarm of people trying to board the train. I instantly panicked thinking that I might never get to set foot on that train. I pushed myself into the crowd. I smelled all sorts of odor — sweaty, fragrant, piss-like. I endured all of that just to be inside that train.

When I was finally close to the door, I felt like I was on cloud nine. I was beyond happy. I felt like such an achievement to finally board that train. I assumed I was going to board that train, but I was wrong.

As I stepped one foot on the platform, the door immediately closed. I thought of letting my foot stay there so that even just a part of my body would get to be wherever that train was going. I didn’t care if I was going to be hurt, if I was going to be incomplete, if I was going to be broken. I just had to get on that train!

I hoped, I even prayed that the door would magically open to let me in the train. But nothing happened. The engine roared to life as fast as my heart burned to death. The train moved inch by inch, foot by foot, meter by meter away… away from me. Until now, I can still feel the air that swept away the tears in my eyes.

The train left. It did. Without an ounce of concern for me. It left like it didn’t know I wanted to board.

But maybe, I’m the one to be blamed. After all, it was a train. How could it possibly think that all I ever desired was to get on its platform?


About the Contributor

Kath Juanier is an incoming UP Diliman freshie from Las Pinas City. She has been an Editor in Chief for her school paper, The LPSci Standard Press. She can’t say that she has a serious relationship with writing and editing but it’s beyond question that she has a strong relationship with Double Chocolate Ice Blended. She writes because she loves writing for herself and for others and simply because she gets to enjoy a cup of coffee while doing so.

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