The Wanderer

They tried to keep an eye on her. When they’d keep her inside the house, she’d stay by the window. When they’d bring her out into the yard, she’d go into the nearby forest. They’d keep her on a leash, but that would be impossible and tiring, both for the wanderer and for her chains.

For the wanderer cannot be held down; she cannot be held in fact. The wanderer is a soul – free and not limited. She chooses no time nor season; she is eternally in search, in awe, and in wonder of everything.

The wanderer is a soul and her best friend is a child. She and the child walk hand in hand, like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. As the child grows, the wanderer becomes oblivion, and oblivion becomes confusion, and confusion, chaos. Then the child goes back into searching, only to find that the wanderer was still there in her place, only cluttered and beaten by life. So the child and the wanderer left life, until life found them.

About the Contributor

Kimberly Ante is a future scientist and world-changer. Currently a Biology major at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, she spends her extra time collecting insights — from movies, books, field exercises and even waiting in line — and writes or draws about them in her messy journals. She lives to wonder, discover, and empower.

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Photo by Ayen Calimlim. Check out her Instagram to see more of her photos.

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