Brew Your Best Year Editor: Thoughts on Relationships

Our day-to-day life is driven by the experiences and situations we encounter.  These experiences and situations are made up of the different interactions that we have, and these interactions are mostly driven by individuals—colleagues we work with, family we come home to, friends we call our second family, strangers we connect with in the quickest and most random of instances.  Be it in one’s personal space or workplace, the personal interactions and relationships that we nurse and keep are driving forces in our lives and play a major role in shaping how we interact with the world and respond to the various events that are born from it.

Isn’t it that our happiest and lowest moments mostly involve people, especially those who are special to us? Milestones in life are almost always celebrated with those who were a part of each of them. Graduating from kinder, gradeschool, highschool and college, always meant family being at the ceremony, followed by a party with family and friends to cap off the celebration. Achievements at work such as promotions and the little things are best celebrated with those in your team who helped you get to where you are. First paychecks at a new job are usually spent on family and friends—forget the amount on the check, it’s all about having fun and sharing the blessings to those who matter. Through time, we learn to get over heartbreaks over past loves through the help of our trusted friends who are not just willing to lend a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on but are also willing to do the silliest of things just to help you recover like spontaneously booking a ticket to some random, unknown destination just to hopefully help you “find yourself again.” Weddings entail inviting everyone who witnessed one’s grand love story, and even before that a number of intimate gatherings with the VIP have to happen like the pamamanhikans, despedida de solteras, bachelor and bachelorette parties. When something happens to us—the major and minor things alike—our natural instinct is to immediately call (or in this world of online messaging—text, iMessage, Viber, or Whatsapp) the first person that pops into our mind so that we can share the news with them and hear what they have to say. They always say that in one’s deathbed, you won’t think about all the fortune and achievements you’ve earned– all you’d want is to have the people who matter in life close to you.

The bottomline is that relationships are fundamental to every human existence– if not the basic core of all human existence. This is why we need to keep nurturing the relationships that we have and feeding them with what makes them further grow, especially those that we truly value.  It is true that relationships are work, and all kinds of work require a significant investment of time and effort (among many others). But we reap what we sow, and when we keep sowing diligently we definitely reap rewards.

Focus on the relationships that matter, those that fill your soul as a person and bring you true fulfillment and joy. Make it a point to protect them, nurture them, and keep working on them so that they don’t stagnate, and instead only grow in love and harmony.

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