To All Beautiful Artists Who Are Struggling

To all beautiful artists who are struggling,

2007 was the year when I started writing. It wasn’t all about art; it was about trying. For years, I was hoping to find home in places I believed I loved. I tried stitching words and ornaments together, hoping I could be a pillar and a light in forms of my literature. Years passed and all that encompassed were rejections and words of discouragement saying I was not doing enough. But, I was learning. I was falling every time, but I was also rising. In the middle of the darkness, a light from my heart shone on me, telling me that soon my soul would be a vessel to love and to write until all things are made right and I can pass by the night. I was outrageous and hopeless in rising, keeping the love burning. I was being tailored like a fabric by the sewing machine, pushed by the belief that I was not enough to make it.

I was drowning, but I continued to love. I learned that home belonged to people who endured. Art always finds its reasons to stay. I turned the vigor into a stairway, into trains and highways to skyrocket me higher, to be able to reach a point of light  and radiate it. To be a celebration of victory and unity all at once. I learned that the toughest times enable us to write a better prologue to a novel-thick persona adorned with the beautiful truth of art and literature, that we are various forms of lamps carrying the light of the universe. And together, we can set the world on fire.

Music. Painting. Dance. Poetry. Art. We are one.

Beautiful artists, the path may be narrow and the means may be painful at times. But I want you to believe that you are an art in the making, a beautiful soul learning  and rediscovering. I want you to believe that you are enough. I need you to believe in your feet and allow them to take you where you belong. The same brought me to where I am right now.

I want to celebrate you. If there comes a time that darkness seems to consume you, believe that your vessel is a form of love and that you will keep burning. All your struggles will be worth the fight, and I will wait for you–here, in the land of the confident with my arms outstretched, ready to welcome a hero in his home. You belong here from the very beginning.
To all beautiful artists who are struggling, keep going.

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2 Thoughts

  1. Anna says:

    This is exactly what I needed right now. Thank you and keep on creating!

  2. Ralph Sy Siong Kiao says:

    I also wish to celebrate the miracle that is “Y-O-U”. Keep going! Thanks Leo!