To the Little Ones

To my bedroom slippers,

I’ve had you for five years
but nothing
else can compare
to the comfort you
give my tired little feet.

Even when home
seems too far away,
you remind me
of the smiles everyone

the feeling of that
cozy familiarity,

the pleasant vibration
of being at ease.


To my chilled waffles topped with strawberries and cream,

It’s past midnight
but I still
crave for your taste.

There’s harm
in eating sweets
past the time
when everybody else
is silent
and already
snuggled in their

You came from
the cold but
I have no problem
with it for I’ve learned
that even in
negative temperatures,
some things
could still
feel good
despite the numbing
feeling of
the chills it gives
down my spine.


To my favourite song,

Thank you for not getting
as I tend to
put you on repeat.

There is magic
in listening to the
same song over and
over even though
the same words
are being sung,

the same melodies
are being played,

the same rhythm
that makes
my head
and heart
move to the beat.



To my journal,

It was almost thirty
minutes into the hour
that I started to
drown in the
sea of my thoughts
when I wrote on you
and wore my
diving suit
to delve into
the abyss of my

Thank you for
handling all
the ink spills
my pen

for the blots
and splatters
that I didn’t mean
to place.

To you,

They tell me that nothing good ever happens after 2AM.

It is the hour of whirlpools,
the time of tears,
the resonance of the clock’s

Reminding me
every second,
every minute,
that my thoughts
are to be overwhelmed
by you.

But where’s the
bad in it if
your name
makes me recall
feeling of being
in my abode,

the sweetness
we’ve had during
the cold months of
September to

the songs
we’ve composed
during the
rainy hours,

the words on
paper we wrote
to each other,

the flourishing
body of water
that contained all
our mind’s

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Salve Angeluz Dalmacio is a 17-year-old Communications student from Cavite. She is a lover of indie music, fluffy kittens, and creativity. She aspires to be a source of inspiration for other people and she works towards this goal by sharing her works filled with love through writings, poetry, and photography. When she’s not busy with school, she writes on her little and humble webspace at www.indiekitty.net. You may also reach her at salve@indiekitty.net.

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Photo by Val Christian Andag. For more of his works, visit his Instagram.

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