Learning from the Pain

I recently came to a conclusion that things are given to you during the time that you need it the most. The same idea goes for when the same things are taken away from you because you need to learn how to live without them. As I was cleaning out a few documents from my laptop, I came across a draft article that hasn’t been opened since the time I wrote it about two and a half years ago, and it brought me to thinking.

I was in a relationship with someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and I still think that I do sometimes. We met in college and I’ve never felt so true and happy. I remember feeling like it wasn’t easy getting to that point in my life. It was a point wherein I feel felt nothing but pure happiness. Everything felt right.  

When I was with him, I felt like my life was on fast forward. Each day was as exciting as the last. It was as if life couldn’t wait to stop and play out the fairytale that every girl dreams of having. I remember writing in my article, “To you who I have been waiting for a while, I didn’t expect you to be giving me visions in my head of how my future would be like with you. I didn’t expect to envision what I would do after college— find a job, build a house, get married and start a family, and it was all with you. Because honestly, I cannot wait.”

I’ve come to believe that some things are taken away from you because you need to learn how to live and be happy without them. As for me, I needed to learn how to be mature. Maybe that’s why life had to take it away. Whatever that was taken away from you may hurt for a while, like a healing wound that bothers you while it heals. But when it does heal, it leaves a scar which you see, but will no longer bear any pain.

Your learnings mold you into becoming the person that you need to be stronger, wiser, happier. As they say, “When one door closes, another door opens” and it will lead you to the path that you are destined to walk on. So don’t be afraid— it’s life telling you to keep your hands open and accept its natural way of teaching.

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Isay Yason recently left her dream job as a writer and account manager in the media industry to pursue her dream career as a lawyer. She feels that life shouldn’t be dictated by human limitations and what you can and can’t do – and now she’s on a quest to do both. Her goals are to be a multi-hyphenated woman, constantly dipping her fingers in her life’s challenges.

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