Waiting For Answers

It was the A.Y. 2016-2017 Student Council Elections when my 17-year-old sister decided to run for Treasurer. The votes were tallied, and my sister received unfortunate news. She was short five votes against her opponent. She was devastated. I was in the kitchen when she got home that day of the announcement, teary-eyed. I could have told her to stop crying over spilled milk, but I knew better. There was no way around rejection and failure; but to face them head-on. It was in that brief moment in the kitchen, as I was hugging her while she cried, when I realized why something that happened to me three years ago had to occur.

Back in 2013, I applied to become an editor of our university’s student publication. I was expecting to get the position, but I unfortunately did not, and until now it still the most painful setback I’ve experienced in my life. I lost my confidence, burned bridges, and stopped writing. Nobody could have saved me from that hard fall; it was only rejection that met me down in the pits. Everyday I’d ask myself, “Why?” Why did this happen? Why did this have to happen to me?I worked hard to get over that painful experience and move on. Even if I repeatedly told myself that things happened for a reason, I hardly believed those words. I just took it as a mantra in order to maintain a positive outlook in life. “Fake it until you make it.” Those words have helped me and eventually led me to where I am right now. The mantra never made as much sense as when I stood there comforting my sister.

If our moment at the kitchen was a theater show, a spotlight would have focused on me as I realized a purpose in my life. For the first time in three years, I was thankful I experienced rejection. Had I not faced that struggle, I would not have been able to stand by my sister and be her light and keeper. Things really do happen for a reason. Sometimes, that reason comes quite a little late in our lives but enlightenment definitely always arrives. Whatever weather we are currently braving, we have to continue having faith that everything will eventually fall into place, and that the greater one up above does answer prayers and provide what we ask for. We just have to remain patient and steadfast because we may not always receive the answer we want or expect.

I was taught that there are three types of answers:

  1. Yes, your desire will be given right here, right now.
  2. Wait, not now. Your desire is your destiny but it will be provided at a perfect time.
  3. No, your desire is not for you. Because something bigger and better is about to come.

In one way or another, we are and will be always provided with the best things in life. Just keep the faith, never let it leave you. Wear it like an armor.

About the Contributor

Jonnie Mutuc is an alumna from the prestigious aquatic J School in España, Manila. She writes for a living at day and writes for herself at night. Her favorite bible passage is Psalms 3:3. You can see more of her at

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