What It’s Like to Just Go for It

How about waking up one day and hopping on a bus going out of town? Or perhaps, jumping off an aircraft for the most exciting freefall of your life? Why not splurge on that little black dress, which caught your eye while strolling around the mall?

Admittedly, there are things in our life, which we do not plan on doing, but we end up doing anyway. There will be times when we’d feel a little regretful, but most of the time, we feel good about it. We sometimes find ourselves hesitating on one decision, but at the end of the day, we choose to do something just for the heck of doing it. Being able to do something unexpectedly allows us to be nonchalant, permitting destiny to take its natural course and just letting things be.

Like others, I also had my share of defining moments because of doing something out of the blue. Back in 2008, I went on a trip to New Zealand for my first ever out-of-the-country adventure. While touring around the city with my cousins and sister one morning, we passed by the Sky Screamer Reverse Bungy ride a.k.a catapult bungy, which is located in downtown Auckland. Yes, it is in the corner of Albert and Victoria Streets, right where cars and people pass by. My cousin dared me to try the ride and offered to pay NZ$120 for that crazy, 30-second death ride.


Although scared, I half-heartedly accepted the dare. The next thing I knew, I was being strapped into safety by some guy, who took control of the next few seconds of my life. Needless to say, I was not the bravest 21-year old that time, but for a moment, I felt fearless. Add to that the countless what-has-gotten-into-this-crazy-girl’s-head stares that I got from the passersby. Not entirely motivating, but those judgmental stares pushed me to go for it and just get it over and done with.


What happened after the ride was not at all pretty. I was dizzy the entire day and ended up wasting a day’s worth of good food in the driveway. The feeling after the insane adrenaline rush was downright awful. Despite feeling horrible, I was overwhelmed by the indescribable high of being able to overcome something, which I’ve never thought of doing – much less cross my mind.

Going through that ordeal was a decision, which I made right on the spot. For someone, who believes in planning and strictly adheres to schedules, taking that ride was not an easy thing to do for me. I had no time to ponder on possibilities and consequences. I was just forced to go with the flow and entrust my life to someone I didn’t even know. It was a no-turning-back moment, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Because of this experience, I was able to discover a lot of things about myself. I got to know that side of me who can take risks with no questions asked. Although there was a bit of hesitation in the beginning, I still went for it like I was the bravest girl in the world. I reveled in that moment when I felt most alive. I owned it.

In life, there will always be things or situations that would call for immediate decisions. We will be asked to do something that we won’t even have time to think about. It is in those situations that we will get to know ourselves more and discover the things that we can do versus those that we can’t. These sound a little too scary and risky, but who knows? Letting go of all our apprehensions, loosening up, and just letting things be may just be the best decisions we’ll ever make in our lives.

Let’s not be tied up to the monotony of the world. Life is short; let us live a little.

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