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What’s So Special About You

Friends and family always tell us that we are as special and as unique as any other human being living on Earth. That what really makes someone special is how you see yourself as special, and the bigger picture you situate yourself into.The word special, although vague and subjective, is as empowering as how we see ourselves in relation to that word. Some are special because they have specific needs as humans. Some are special because of their advanced skills and talents. And some tend to have a way of doing things in such a way that it has a bigger impact in their surroundings. My friends tell me that I have a knack to make other people laugh, and my parents tell me that each of us siblings in the family are different and unique. Those things matter to me because I get a sense of who I am and what I can do for others.We see uniqueness as something every person wants to be — like an end goal. I can write with both hands therefore I am special. I can solve crossword puzzles in ten minutes or less therefore I am unique. I can ride a unicycle while juggling three bottles without falling therefore I am unique. So many interpretations yet these statements fall in a big umbrella which later on becomes a collective label called Unique Selling Point.

We are all special. What separates us from other special people out there is how we make our passions, talents, and interests matter to other people and/or society. Just imagine a world without your presence — what bigger than life acts have we done for the country, for our loved ones, for that stranger on the bus? What we will leave here on Earth in the future will determine the true essence of our uniqueness.

We are all special — it is a matter of what you can do, with what you have, that determines the impact your uniqueness will have.

As we get by, always think of this: What’s so special about you, and how can you transform lives of other people by being you?


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Genesis Santos is the guy behind Project 365 – 365 Quotes, 365 Days, 365 Musings Project. Aside from his daily blog posts, he balances his passion with his ambassadorship-cum-business venture, loves photography, traveling, and food; he currently spends one-third of his day as an Advertising Account Manager, and disassociate with the world through his comfort food – plain yoghurt, Hany/Chocnut, and Flat Tops. He dreams of becoming CEO of his future businesses – a coffee shop with twelve tables in the list.

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