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When is the Best Time to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone?

After four years of being away from the Philippines, many people ask me: How do I take the first step in getting out of my comfort zone? Where do I begin?

Choosing to reside in two different countries is not just about dreaming. It is about the hunger to explore and discover something more which pushed me to move, act, and do something beyond my comfort zone. We will never be young forever, that’s why I decided to take the risk to avoid all the what if’s.  However, risking should not be just limited to moving out and living in another country. All of us are capable of risking and exploring the unknown.

Over the past few years, here are some of my realizations:

Pursue a job that you love and a job that will love you back

There was a time that I really loved this job in the Philippines but it entailed working for really long hours, to the point of being hospitalized due to exhaustion which led me to not receiving a month’s worth of salary because of unproductivity. This incident was my wake up call to get out of the job because the company was not providing me the proper benefits I deserved as an employee. It took me 8 months to get another job that I really liked, but it was worth it!  

Get your heart broken, move on, and go out on a date

I believe it was my heartbreak and unrequited love in the past which taught me what true love really meant. My only mistake was asking it from the same person who couldn’t love me back. After quite some time, I decided to get out of this fixation. I realized the importance of loving myself first. After that, I tried dating a lot of guys, even if I somehow felt hopeless in believing that love will naturally come. But sometimes, you need to push yourself out there and give an effort to find the right one for you. Eventually, I did!

Go back to school if you want or need to

For me, investing on education is important because it gives you enough leverage to land a good job upon entering the real world. This is to not discount those who may not have had the opportunity to finish their studies, but still have proven that they can succeed. It’s all a matter of perspective, commitment, and effort. You just need to push yourself to stand for what you choose and prove to other people that you can survive the struggles and have a good life.

Live independently

Ever since I was little, I have been trained by all my relatives to be efficient at household chores so that I can easily adjust and maintain good relationships with any potential housemates. However, learning how to cook, do the laundry, clean the house, or shop, should not only be done for the assurance of others. Consider learning them as a practical means of coping and living more independently.

Getting out of your comfort zone can greatly result to a rewarding experience because this entails growth and new experiences. However, you should also be prepared to face all the challenges, adjustments, and problems ahead.

No pain, no gain!


About the Contributor

Judee Bendiola graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. She started her career as a freelance host, actress and a media practitioner under the News and Current Affairs of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation. She then moved to Singapore and worked as a public relations executive for almost three years in the Interactive and Digital Media Institute in National University of Singapore.

Apart from this, she has also engaged in various acting projects in film and TV. She played various roles in Media Corp’s shows like Point of Entry, Code of Law and Crime Watch and was part of Iloilo, a Singaporean film which won the Camera d’or award at the Cannes Film Festival last 2013. As a filmmaker (researcher, writer, director and editor), she won the Jury Prize for the Digital Native Video Contest in India.

Currently, she is pursuing her Masters Studies in North American Studies, specializing in Media Studies in Germany. Follow her adventures by checking out her blog.

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Photo by Kathleen Musni, who likes anything that involves adventure and coffee. Trying out new things is her way of finding and realizing her passion in life. She is also interested in writing and photography. For more of her works, visit her Instagram.

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