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I have always been a person of countless hesitations and self-doubt. I always second-guess myself, question my choices, and always wonder if what I’m currently on to is what I’m supposed to be doing. No wonder I have always stayed on the safe side of life—I rarely venture out of my comfort zone, and I considered myself to be risk-aversive at most. But, once you discover that something you’re really passionate about, things can suddenly turn around– and for the better.

I have been a fan of art. Anything that I can create with my hands and that is visually appealing I would be greatly interested in. Just recently, I finally ventured into answering the question that has been bothering me for a while: What if? What if I could make art and earn from it? What if there’s more to life than my everyday 8-5 grind in my corporate job?

An opportunity then came along and, despite my many hesitations and negative thoughts, I grabbed it. There were undeniable moments of stress and fear, but I tried my best—and it soon led to many little opportunities. I channeled my crafting and photography hobbies into more serious projects. I made art for weddings, events, and other projects. Though the pay from my little projects didn’t amount to much, the satisfaction I got from seeing my work out there appreciated by others fueled by my passion.

While a lot of self-doubt still bothers me further, at times, I push myself to keep working and to keep creating. I believe that all great things start from little steps. To make my life my best masterpiece entails continuously pushing myself to do what I love and what I am most passionate about–to CREATE.

My outputs are not always perfect, but they are my own. Whether it’s the craft I produce or the photos I take, I know that all of them come from the heart. Through these activities, I am able to express my personality and show others who I really am. I don’t think that there will ever be an end or a finished product that I can safely call my life’s masterpiece. Because like everyone else, I am a work in progress–constantly learning, moving forward, creating and re-creating.

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Natali Nicole Lim is a coffee-lover, a passion-driven, all-around crafter, a diy-er, and a photography enthusiast. She considers herself a constant learner and work in progress.

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Photo by April Banaag. For more of her artworks and photos, visit her Instagram.

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