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You’re Okay

The poem below entitled “You’re Okay” was written by one of our customers who goes by the pseudonym Tudla ng Luha. She is currently focusing on brewing her best year and shares this poem with us in the hopes that it could help someone out there to do the same too.


You’re Okay 

To you, kind Sir
Who is hating yourself
For having a monster inside
Afraid that it will come out to hurt the people you love,
You’re okay.

To you, my sweet
Who is afraid to grow old without your own family
Because society dictates that you should have one to be complete,
You’re okay.

To you, dear child
Who doesn’t know what you’re doing
Overwhelmed by problems you think will never end,
You’re okay.

To you, my friend
Who fell in love at the wrong time, with the wrong person
And is now picking up the pieces of your shattered slate,
You’re okay.

You’re okay.
For in every breath you are taking, you have a chance to be better
For in every heartbeat, every pulsating vein, you know that you can fight
You feel, and it’s a validation that you are still alive

You’re okay.
Because you get hurt and you learn
Because you know that you are better than what you feel
Because you, both broken and beautiful, instinctively will move forward

You’re okay
Because there would always be tough times but you choose to focus on the good ones
Because you recognize your weaknesses and not every one does
You struggle with the temptations of the now and, with your own strength, come out winning

Hold your head high and realize that every problem, every roadblock, every wrecking ball that comes your way.
Will be mere testaments to your strength.
That every moment past is a badge of honor
Because there’s always an easier way out yet you, time and again, choose the other path.

Wake up each day with a mindset to be better.
Tougher and wiser than the you who put yourself in the situation
Shout out the misery and pain and sadness if you need to
Dance in the rain while tears overflow

Seek the company of people who’ve been there and survived..
And never fear the moments of aloneness
Because in solitude, you hear the Universe
Listen and you’ll hear the same words I keep telling you-
You’re okay.

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