Against the Odds: For Arsenio Ng

I’ve always believed that life is our greatest teacher and it is only through wisdom and experience that we get to learn what it is to fully live. I am forever grateful to the special man beside me because he has always inspired me to become the best version of myself. In fact, he has given me these “lifehacks” to survive in this crazy world:

ON CAREER: You taught me that life is like a ferris wheel, there is no easy way up. Just because we have a family business, it doesn’t mean I get to boss around. In fact, I don’t get any special treatment at all. I am grateful that because of you, I’ve learned that success is earned and not inherited.

ON LOVE: Thank you for teaching me that love takes time. I will forever remember your advice to find a guy that is hardworking and forward looking. Thank you for letting me take charge of my own happiness.

ON LIFE: You taught me the importance of learning to anticipate the unknown. More often than not, we dream of the impossible and there’s nothing wrong in that. Success comes to the people who have the drive to make things happen. Thank you for making me realize that there is nothing wrong in being afraid. In your words, “Fear is good, but know how to play it.”

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