Because Heroes Need a Heroine: For Kristine Abrenica

I am a soldier. A military officer to be specific. I lead men in battle and make decisions that could spell success or disaster on any given mission. As of this writing, I am presently in Marawi City battling it out against the terrorists who besieged and laid waste to the city.

I also have a family. Two kids aged 8 and 3 and a loving wife. My wife works as a coach at a call center company that requires her to do double shifts. My eldest is a 3rd grader. Despite her workload, my wife never fails to take excellent care of the kids. Always assuring me that she’s in control. That she got this despite I’m not there to help her (which is most of the time because of the nature of my work). She virtually eliminated my worries concerning the welfare of my family. Her work and responsibilities as a mother (and father) entitles her to an accumulated of only four (4) hours a day of sleep. Imagine that! And yet I never heard her complain. It came to this moment when I forced her to resign because she was diagnosed of potentially going blind because of her lack of sleep and the perpetual time spent engaging the monitor of a computer. She never panicked and was calm about it, it was me who did the panicking.

Back here in Marawi, I lost two (2) good men and had incurred a total of six (6) wounded personnel in the fight to liberate the city. I started to second guess myself with my ability to lead. In short, I lost my confidence and composure.

My wife talked me into it. She always encouraged me to spring back. That I am in control, that I got this. After numerous encouragements and some successful missions I started to regain my resolve. I never thanked her for that. As I think of it, I never thanked her for doing everything for me, from acting as a mother/father to our kids to regaining my confidence and almost everything else. Most people see us here as heroes. What they don’t know is at the back of that hero is a woman who keeps pushing him, carrying on the load in order for him to forge forward. She may not have mentored me but she definitely brings out the best in this ranger-me.

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