From Manager to Mentor: For Claire San Juan

Claire was my first manager in my current company. She did EVERYTHING well and managed to do work plus her masters at the same time. I would even catch her studying before or after work at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf near Makati med!

She showed me that being a good leader not only meant knowing all the concepts, but meant being able to inspire your people to do better and finding ways for your team to develop their skills. She was content in staying in the background- by letting the team members shine when presenting to upper management, but also stepping forward to shield the team when push came to shove.

When she went on a career break in order to concentrate on her studies, she believed in my capability to lead the team and when she moved roles- she helped me slide into the lead role by helping me hone my leadership and stakeholder management skills. Everything I know now about managing my time, my role and my team- I learned from her.

Even if she is no longer my manager and has even moved companies, I still keep in touch with her- as she continues to be my mentor.

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