Groovy Tatay ng AYLC: For Simon Mossesgeld

Im Minnie, Program Lead of Ayala Young Leaders Congress (AYLC). Sir/Tatay Monch is not just my mentor but the mentor of 1449 alumni of AYLC. He’s the thread that holds us together, the rock that stabilizes us, the voice of wisdom, heart of compassion, our 70 year old groovy dancer. He’s our Congress Director who goes to the office everyday, brings us food when we’re stressed, and notebooks when we finished ours. He brings out the best in me by reminding me that its okay to ask for help, to be strong and kind, firm and compassionate. He’s never too busy to listen to my rants, share my joys, and give me the much needed hug when things go bad. As AYLC turns 20 years (he was 1 of those who started it), its fitting to honor how he’s impacted the life of everyone.

Once he was asked what is his greatest legacy, he pointed to us and said each alumni of AYLC is his legacy. What he doesn’t know is that, he is the legacy. A friend and groovy tatay to all.

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