Knight of the Party: For Jon Huang

I’m not the type of girl who parties every weekend. I prefer building relationships over a cup of coffee or somewhere more private. During my bestfriend’s wedding, I got drunk, to the point that I even threw up. I was very lucky that my friend Jon was there. The moment he saw me vomiting, he knew right there and then that he had to bring me and my roomie back to the hotel where we were staying. I will never forget what he did. He stayed the whole night with me and my roomie to make sure that I will be okay. He was up all night considering he was also one of the groomsmen. I can’t imagine how tired he was.

In this rather selfish world, my friend Jon taught me that chivalry is not dead. If not for him, any guy at the party would have taken advantage of the state I was in. To him, it may be just an act of kindness, but to me, he has earned my admiration. He proved to me that there are still men out there who knows how to value and respect women. He taught me to never settle for less, and for that I will always be grateful.

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