Legally Bound: For Charlon Jay Onofre

He drives me around the city and I’m practically dependent upon him; from where to buy things, where to eat, the best places in the city or the best laundry shop to go to. He’s among my best friends and among the best lawyers I know. To me, Atty. Charlon is a brother from another set of parents. He was born exactly a week after my birthday. We agree on almost everything but we argue over some issues (mostly legalities). When we argue, we listen to each other. As much as possible, we don’t want to end up agreeing to disagree: we exert effort to convince each other. We don’t say things for the sake of sounding smart. We don’t waste time arguing only for the sake of argument. When we argue, we are both open to the possiblities that we are wrong, misinformed, or that we simply lack knowledge to form a logical belief or opinion. We both know when to assert. More importantly, we know when to concede. We never treat concession as a defeat of any sort because we are never in a competition as to who is better between us. We treat each other as our co-equal. I am just so glad to have a lifeline, a call-a-friend here in Pampanga.

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