Like Family: For Cheri Roberto

NOMINEE: Cheri Roberto
NOMINATED BY: Christina King

My Tita Cheri is an amazing woman. I met her 5 years ago, as the mother of my friend, Bam.

Around the time I met her, she had just lost her youngest son, Bruce, to a car accident. As she suffered during the hardest of times, she was always so positive and comforting. Soon after his passing, Tita Cheri went back to school to be an interior designer. She then set up her own business, and as if by magic, success followed her feet.

Every year during Easter, I would go to mass with her and her family. She would share her testimony to the audience on her son’s passing, her journey back to God, getting back on her own feet, and coming to terms with loss. People were always mesmerised and in awe of her positivity and ability to triumph against her heartache.

Tita Cheri would get messages on Facebook from people who saw her give her testimony, asking for strength and advice. This inspired her to start her own Ministry—Mourning to Morning. Anyone who had suffered a loss and needed support and comfort could share their voice over coffee, meeting at various coffee shops around Manila. Soon after, she released her first book!

Tita Cheri’s ability to give to others, help strangers and stay positive has taught me so much about the kind of woman I should be. She has been a mentor to me through action, showing me the kind of daughter, mother and friend I want to be in the future.

I have no family here in Manila, and from day one, she has taken me in as a daughter, and treated me like family. Tita Cheri has changed my life for the better, a mentor through action and counsel, and has taught me how to be a better human being. Most of all, knowing her has also greatly improved my life.

I look forward to more coffee and sushi dates with her! Also helps, that 2 years into meeting Tita Cheri, her son is now my long term boyfriend. 🙂

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