#LovelyJosie: For Josie Pascua

I’m Jovan Pascua, HR Specialist in a leading Global Healthcare company. I love mountain climbing, traveling, poetry, indie films, photography, arts, coffee and tea. I entered graduate studies in UP School of Labor and Industrial Relations this year as freshman. These are the things that I dedicate most for my Mama Josie.

My Mama Josie was recently diagnosed a Chronic Kidney Disease where both of her kidneys fail to function, leading her to do Peritoneal dialysis. She is also battling against Diabetes complications now and we are grateful enough that she is fighting on the battle field. I love my Mama Josie and I like all about her. For being a single parent to us for 17 years, she has been there when I need her, going through me with my up’s and down’s and most of all, she offers her unconditional love to us. Her sacrifice has bore fruit to the successes in my life and she is an inspiration and a hero for me. Even if she is on a situation of life and death, she has showed us how to be strong and determined to fight against all odds of life.

Mama Josie, you are a lovely rose that blooms despite of thorns surrounds you. You are a superhero that knocks down life’s villains. You are the best chef of all time in the family. You are a builder of a home with 17 years worth of strong foundation. You gave us all we need in life by showering us unconditional love. Now it is time to give thanks and tell to the world your greatest story that shaped me for who am I today.

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