Monday: Fun Day!: For Donnabelle Gonzales

Most will agree that.. Mondays are nothing but madness!

I did hate Monday. It’s the time of the week when you have to wake up with an alarm again, brave the city jungle (traffic jam, pollution, everyone in a hurry) and live through that routine for another 5 or 6 days. I used to start the week whining already and inviting negativity every time I speak, but all that changed this one Monday morning I spent with my Tita Donna. When I woke up around 6am, she was already made up and was ready to head to work. She was so sweet that day that she made coffee for me and spent a few minutes with me before leaving.

She told me that we should be happy on Mondays because:
-as students, we are blessed to wake up early and attend to school
-as employees/workers, we are blessed that we have a job or career that sustains our needs
-as drivers, we are blessed to have wheels regardless of how traffic it is outside
Etc.. etc..

I felt ashamed of me whining when on the other side, she sees all of these as blessings.

After that conversation, I see Monday with a whole new positive perspective.

She’s one of my personal heroes because she turned me into an optimistic person. 🙂

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