My Hidden Hero: For Haydee Razon

It’s my first job and being employed under a department which was far from my expertise was a huge turn in my life. Imagine a fresh graduate of Multimedia Arts but got employed under Human Resources. Juggling between arts and learning HR was quite a challenge but there is this person in my life which really became my hidden hero- my former boss, Haydee Razon.

I was moved by Oprah Winfrey’s quote, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” There are many times that I was really struggling and made many mistakes. Expectations were really high and it came to a point where I thought of resigning and leaving the company for good. Good thing, I didn’t. Good thing that I listened.

She was there to support me all the time. If I made a mistake and was blamed by others, she was there to defend me. She was always there to listen and to mentor me. She was always there to guide me. She believed in me.

I was so lucky to have her as a boss/mentor. I learned a lot of new things. Professionally and personally. She taught me how I can see the hope inside myself. I will cherish all those teachings, moments, and experiences.

After 2 years (yes, I survived HR for 2 years) there was an opening for a graphic artist and she supported my decision. Up until now, she is there whenever I need help or needs someone to talk to. I just want to say a big thank you from the most bottom or deepest of my heart. I will never be in this position if it wasn’t for your trust. You will always be my hidden hero (well, not so hidden anymore!)

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