Not Your Ordinary Manager: For Jeanette Manabat-Foz

It was exactly around 3 years ago when I first met Janet. I was an intern of the company back then. We were introduced by my team lead and we had the opportunity to talk for the first time. My first impression of her: she’s the most approachable, professional and jolly manager that I’ve ever met (no bias here). All smiles even if she barely knows that person 🙂

Fast forward to now… In just a matter of 2 years, this manager was able to bring out the best in me. I was able to finish certification courses, take tasks that I was hesitant to take in before, make me multi-task with little supervision. In short, she allowed me to get myself out of my shell. Gives me advice, not just work-related, but also in life, in handling personal matters, and even sometimes, financial matters. She would be hands-on, but she’s someone who had mastered that managing skill of gaining the respect of her employees.

I would like to appreciate my manager, Janet, by sharing a cup of her favorite coffee. She’s been treating us to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf every time we do good or accomplish something great! For the numerous times she treated me when I did something good, for a job well done, for the simple appreciation she gives, I also want to give something back. A cup of coffee would be great! I would like to show that I also appreciate what she does! 🙂

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