Thank You Nanay: For Analita Del Mundo Magsino

Hello The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! I am Julien Arvin D. Magsino, 25 years old and an Operating Room Nurse at a public hospital in Cavite. When I saw your email about nominating a mentor or personal hero, I could not think of anyone else in my life other than this one person who never gave up on me and continued to inspire me everyday up to this point. I am quite teary eyed right now just remembering all the things she has done for me so long as I can remember.

Let’s go way back preschool days shall we? Everyday, she reviewed me my lessons after school and made sure that I understood everything. She inculcated me with values of being a good person and always told me the phrase “be good in school.” No intention to boast, but I am always labelled as the “mabait” in school, inside our house, and even up to my workplace – all thanks to my nanay.

Let me tell you something about her, she is very kind to everyone. Literally everyone! She helps them in every way she could. That inspired me to go the extra mile and extend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. She supported me to explore everything- enrolled me in different talent camps when I was young which included sports, acting, modeling, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments. I did my best, but I wasn’t really good, and yet she believed in me. A jack of all traits if you will. This in turn taught me that I can be anything I want to be. Thanks mom!

Let me tell you another thing about my mom. She is an Agriculturist by profession so she knows coffee and tea a lot and her specialization is on herbs and spices. She is a product of University of the Philippines (college and masters degree) and got her doctorate at Cavite State University. I admire her intelligence. I say to everyone that she is very smart and I wish if I could have even 10% of her intelligence, I would be good to go. This now inspired me to take up my masters degree and I was able to finish it on time just this August. I remember being in the The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf all day just writing my thesis; I was about to give up because of the pressure at work and graduate studies but it all was worth it seeing the joy in her eyes as I marched up the stage and was given a medal. This taught me I could do anything with hard work and perseverance. Thanks for inspiring me ‘nay!

My mom is also a very religious woman. She goes to church every Sunday and brings us along with her. She is very active in church and its activities and is very good at bible verses, which I am not. She taught me that everything she taught me – all my talents, traits, and everything else – I owe not to her or anybody else but to the Lord, so I must do my best in everything because I am doing it all for the glory of God. Wow! Those words struck me as she said it to me a long time ago. Up to this day, I give everything I do a 110%. Thanks again ‘nay!

I saved the best for last, and it is that she taught me to love. She taught me to love without expecting anything in return. It is much more striking in tagalog “Magmahal ng walang hinihintay na kapalit.” That is the true meaning of love which I definitely saw in her. She might not have taught me that but she showed it to me and made me feel loved. I know I do not say this to her but I love you nanay! I think that is about everything I could say; I don’t want to include everything because it might never end.

Thank you The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and thank you nanay.

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