The Captain of my Downs and Ups: Jackson Lim

Hi! It is a great honor for me to share my wonderful and interesting experience with my mentor, “The Captain”, as what we call Mr. Jackson Lim of Megaworld Corporation.

My name is Ace Benson, you can call me Ace. My title has a deep meaning. I finished my college degree year of 2008 (BS in Nursing). I prepared myself and went to a review center for the biggest test of my life, the Nursing Board Exam. After taking the boards, it takes usually two weeks before the results would be released.

The results day

All of my relatives from provinces and abroad were messaging me.
“Okay lang yan, kuha ka na lang ulit”
“Hanapin mo lang name mo, baka hindi mo lang nakita”

My whole world was crushed, I did not know what to do, where to go, what to say to everyone. I went to my room, still in denial that my name was not included in the list of passers. I hugged my pillow , still staring at the wall. Then my door opened slowly, and then my dad touched my back and said “Okay lang yun Ace, wag ka magalala marami pa naman chance.” After that? I CRIED MY HEART OUT. I was so ashamed with myself and first and foremost to my parents who spent for my education. I couldn’t bare the fact that I couldn’t give them the honor of becoming a Board passer. It was the one of the darkest days of my life. I was so down and so depressed.

Over a month after
I received a text message, one of my friend Edward who went to the same college with me and passed the board exams. He was asking if I knew someone from my friends or relatives who wanted to invest on properties. Then I told myself, he did pass the boards but still he opted to go to sales. I texted him and told him, “Pare, baka pwede din ako dyan” then he told me I can go straight to their office and apply.

After that one day application, I was hired! The Captain was not my first manager, but within a year I was absorbed by him. The Captain adopted me from my former manager and he treated me as I was his old salesman. He helped me to make good sales and maintain my clients. He was very patient on training me until I could do it on my own. I was getting sales left to right, commissions I could not imagine I was earning! I was also promoted 2 levels within his management. It was magical. He treats his every employee equal. Outside, he is your friend, in the office, business is business. I grew with our company up to the Sales Manager level, and I saw him being promoted as well up to Assistant Vice President. I always look up to him and I will always be grateful to him for being a great example and inspiration.

One salute for you, Captain Jack!

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