The Life Traveler: For Jude Miguelito De Lara

I am a nurse by profession. I have experienced diverse work – from a government nurse to becoming a Technical Support representative to a Management Trainee for a fastfood chain and now, a Deputy Local Safety Manager in a Pharmaceutical industry.

The person I am nominating was my classmate in 2nd year college. We were mortal enemies back then due to different political parties we were involved in. Ironically, we became best friends and eventually travel buddies. He is a transparent person and does not sugarcoat words. His words of wisdom, straightforward comments, unsolicited advice, and sometimes nagging-type of lectures made me a better person – both personal and professional. Even those random conversations which sometimes I thought were nonsensical actually brought me many AHA! moments. Majority of these happened during our international travels. Through him, I have become more conscious with the actions I do and life decisions I make. Now, I am more confident inside and outside of work and I can say that I am really doing great with the career path that I have chosen. He’s not just a mentor but an educator and also a life coach! Thank you and cheers to more spontaneous travels!

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