Earl Tawny Hisoler

Earl Tawny Hisoler is one of our Contributing Artists from Cebu. We discovered her through Instagram, which she would use as a tool to contribute creative pieces to us by using our hashtags. One of the very first active members of the Community in Cebu, we made it a point to regularly feature her work and inspire people with it.

Recognizing the potential and talent of our members, and as a way to give back to them, we make it a point to provide a platform for them and to always give them opportunities where they can showcase their work with others. Last 2015, for our Holiday Launch in Cebu, we asked her to conduct a watercoloring session for our customers and media friends from Cebu, where she helped them express the words they would want to live by for 2016 through art. 

Read all about her story as an artist and as a Community Member of Brew Your Best Year below.

WHO IS SHE? Earl Tawny Hisoler, 23 years old
WHAT DOES SHE DO? She is a full-time medical technologist, part-time college teacher and an aspiring artist. She does workshops on brush and pointed pen calligraphy once in a while and also does commissioned artworks, creating designs for wedding invitations and other events.

1. Tell us about your story as an artist. How did you discover your love for art?

I’ve always been into arts and crafts since I was little. I remember back in high school I was awarded as “Draftswoman of the Year” and that was something I was really proud of. It wasn’t until the last quarter of 2014 that my high school barkada (Sunbeams, that’s our barkada name) and I decided to take our passion for the arts to another level. We wanted not just to create, but to create for a cause. We decided to support Kusina ng Kalinga, a program of Gawad Kalinga, wherein we are able to feed kids with nutritious food. It was there that I reunited with some of my art materials and began writing, drawing, and painting. Since then, I never stopped.

2. What kind of artist/writer are you? Describe your style/niche and how has this changed over the years.

I’m most comfortable with calligraphy, both in pointed pen or nib and brush. But I am most confident with modern brush calligraphy. I like writing motivational and inspirational quotes, and posting them online. I like seeing a variety of colors in the pieces I make, which is why I prefer using watercolor, and waterbrush or any round brush. I also use the wet on wet technique and allow color gradients and happy accidents to happen in my creations.

3. What is the highlight of your practice so far?

My first ever workshop was in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Ayala Terraces. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® actually has been such a blessing to my life as an artist. It has made one of my biggest dreams come true by opening a lot of opportunities for me. It has also inspired me to take risks and believe in myself more. It was really a big thing for me not just because it was my first workshop ever, but also because it was an event in Cebu. You could say it was a success because there were about 80 participants! The usual size that I handle in my workshops ranges from only 10-25 students.

Earl Tawny1

4. Where do you get inspiration?

Instagram and Pinterest have been very helpful to me. I usually follow a lot of calligraphers, both local and international. I also refer to some videos on Youtube. Exploring new techniques is something I always do as well.

5. What is your creative process like?

I don’t really have a consistent “creative process”. Normally, I would search for inspiration, experiment with my materials, and then come up with my own pieces. What’s exciting about  the “artist life” is that it isn’t the same routine all the time. It’s never boring because I get to learn new styles or techniques once in a while. Then for commissioned artworks, I sometimes do digital art, printing, and mass production, depending on the client.

6. Do you experience creative blocks? What do you do when this happens?

Due to my very hectic schedule, I always get caught up in creative blocks. Exhausted from my day job, there are times when I am never able to come up with brilliant ideas for design. I would always resolve these kinds of problems through sleep. I rest to recharge and become fully functional. When deadlines and projects pile up, I pray and then come up with a to-do list to be able to keep track of my priorities. I am reminded that I don’t have to be too harsh on myself, that I should not overwork and instead put health as my top priority. Also, I go on short travel breaks. Sometimes I visit the beach or climb mountains to unwind and relax.

7. How do you choose what artwork/photo to create?

It always depends on the task or instruction to be accomplished. I base it on the event or the client’s demands.

Earl Tawny4

8. Who are some of the individuals you look up to in your craft?

Anina Rubio is my ultimate idol! Alessa Lanot is a close second. Other artists that I Iook up to include Abbey Sy, Fozzy Dayrit, and @calligrafikas. Some of the Cebuano artists that I am a big fan of are @weebong, First of April and @boredandcrafty!

9. What’s your favorite artwork that you’ve created?

I don’t have an exact favorite but if I’d have to choose it would be this: 

Earl Tawny7
I like how the quote is both motivational and powerful. Also, when I made this, I am reminded of how happy and excited I was to finish it. I also very much enjoyed playing with the colors. The wet on wet technique with watercolor is my favorite style. It just so happens that I am also most comfortable writing with a round brush for brush calligraphy.

10. What kinds of challenges are an associated with your craft/job and how do you overcome them?

The biggest and most common problem I deal with my craft is time management. Since I have a full-time job at a hospital as a medical technologist, and a part-time job as a teacher, finding enough time for the things I’m really passionate for is a struggle. Since I do not have day-offs, I do all the commissioned work and other art-related projects during the evening. By then I’m already exhausted. I really value my vacation leaves from work. I wouldn’t mind spending the whole day painting and writing and just looking for inspiration online or in the outdoor trips I take. I also try to get enough sleep so that I won’t be that tired when I get home from work.

11. What are your biggest lessons as an artist?

I have two favorite lessons as an artist. One is allowing myself to be a beginner and that it’s completely okay to create mistakes. The second learning is that I have to be able to trust myself and the process that comes along with the journey of being an artist.

12. What do you believe is an important factor in creating a good piece of art?

For me, a good mindset and a well-rested body are very important factors in creating art. A good mindset gives you fresh ideas while sleep gives you the positive energy that you will surely need in the artistic process.

13. What advice can you give the community, especially emerging artists?

I always challenge myself once in a while to take on tasks that seem impossible. Aspiring artists should continue to pursue and make time for the things that make them happy to be alive. Create, make mistakes, and continue to create. Do not be afraid to show the world what you’ve got. Above all else, you need to believe in yourself. You got this!

14. What is Brew Your Best Year to you and how has it inspired you as an artist?

I will be forever grateful to Brew Your Best Year because through this, I was exposed to the world of art. I had my first ever calligraphy workshop with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. I literally cried tears of joy when they informed me that I will be handling my own class. It was a (very big) dream come true! Brew Your Best Year has been very encouraging throughout my journey. It has even opened doors to other opportunities. Brew Your Best Year motivated me to create more, give plenty, and inspire others through my art.

Below is Earl Tawny Hisoler’s first feature in Brew Your Best Year:

Earl Tawny5 - first feature in BYBY

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