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Event Recap: Catch Your Dreams

Everyone has a dream. But not everyone can make their dreams happen.

During the Brew Your Best Year: Catch Your Dreams event held last Saturday during a fine morning at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store, budding women entrepreneurs shared what it took for them to turn their dreams into reality. The common denominator that we found? Their “I will never quit on my dreams, I will be ready to sacrifice and put 100% effort to make them happen” attitude.

After they shared their stories, attendees of the event were taught how to make their very own dreamcatchers. (Just a little trivia: in ancient folklore, it is said that the dreamcatcher can trap a person’s bad dreams inside its web, allowing for only the good ones to pass through and reach his head.) And since we’re always glad to share our learnings with everyone, below is a recap of our learnings from that day.

The 4 basic things you need to achieve your dreams:

1. Vision

The starting point for every dreamer is to have a vision of what they want to achieve. Take for example speaker Marielle Nadal, the woman behind Craft MNL, and the story of how she started. She had a vision, and that was to create a Community of artisans, crafters, designers and creative entrepreneurs who learn, create, share and celebrate the work of their hands.

To turn her vision into a reality, she took a piece of paper, visualized all the different ways in which her vision could bear fruit, and wrote them all down. In short, she planned. She believed in the process of making things as a metaphor for actualizing things, and believed that once people got to to think of what they wanted to do or create, then take actual steps towards making their concept a reality, then it’s just a matter of a bit more practice to get down to even bigger things.

Today, Craft MNL holds 20-30 workshops each month (that’s at least 1 event per day!) attended by individuals in their community who are passionate about arts & crafts. It has become a venue to share skills, tips, craft leads and challenges with artisans, to learn from each other, and to collectively discover more about craft, including Philippine traditional craft, its methods, and about local materials.  They even have a cozy workshop space where they regularly hold various workshops. The same goes with Soulflower, a Filipino brand of handmade bohemian accessories who had a vision of inspiring an artisan culture and spreading the spirit of creativity and expression.

What is your vision? Start by asking yourself this question.

2. Accountability

Once she knew what she wanted and needed to do, Marielle started sharing her plans to her friends and family. She did this because she thought that the more people knew about them, the more she would be motivated– and feel pressured– to act. That way, she would be held accountable to everyone else and not just herself or a piece of paper.

This doesn’t mean that to make your dreams happen, you should go around telling everyone your plans. The point is for you to be 100% accountable to your dreams to make sure that they happen. “When you’re personally accountable, you take ownership of situations that you’re involved in. You see them through, and you take responsibility for what happens – good or bad. You don’t blame others if things go wrong. Instead, you do your best to make things right.” ( It’s inevitable to face hurdles along the path towards pursuing your dreams, but what’s important is that no matter what happens, you will always find a way to come through. Because for you, there is no other way but to succeed. You own your dreams and take full ownership to make sure you achieve them.

3. Passion

Passion comes from the Latin verb patere which means to suffer. Therefore, to be passionate about something means to be willing to suffer for it.

Going after your dreams isn’t always going to be easy. This was true especially for Janina and Pat of Soulflower. During the earlier days of their brand, it wasn’t about profiting but more about doing something that they were passionate about. They wanted to spread the passion that they had for making handmade accessories and so they set up shop in a mall– which they eventually had to close down due to high operating costs that couldn’t be covered by what they were making. Regardless of the “birth pains” that they had to endure, this didn’t discourage them from finding a way to keep doing what they wanted to do. They kept regular day jobs on the side but continued to pursue their passion for arts & crafts by selling their handmade jewelry and carry ons through their brand Soulflower. Through the brand, they are able to fulfill their dreams of inspiring an artisan culture and spreading the spirit of creativity and expression.

4. Dedication

It takes a very dedicated person to take ownership of one’s dreams and bring forward one’s vision– no matter the sacrifices or regardless of having to suffer for it. Because at the end of the day, it is not sheer talent that will take you far, but the attitude that you take on.

Dedicate yourself to your vision, work towards it with 100% commitment, and see your dreams begin to unfold.

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