#Brew2014 Wisdom of the Week

The purpose of wealth is to share it.

Want to inspire others? Share your thoughts or personal stories on sharing your blessings to become a blessing to others. We’ll be rewarding featured submissions with a P500 gift certificate to be enjoyed in any of our stores! ‪#‎brew2014‬

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One Thought

  1. Be A Blessing

    Who among us don’t want to be rich? Of course, none, right? All of
    us wants to be rich in some ways or another. That’s why we all work hard to achieve our goals in life, whether it’s for own careers, families and for others. It feels good to have goals and eventually achieve them in the end. Though money can never buy true happiness, it is a very important tool in achieving our goals, most especially for ourselves, for our families, and for others. Admittedly, money makes our lives comfortable. It can provide food in our respective tables, can help us avail the best quality education for our children, can let us travel places that we always wanted to visit, can greatly improve ourselves, can cure our illnesses and buy quality medicines and can provide the best health care for us and even can help us improve our physical looks, right? But most of all money can be tool for us to help others, most especially in times of great needs. It can bring people, most especially families together. Though, money brings the best in all of us, it can bring out the worst in us, too, because it’s a double-edged sword. It’s also a tool to destroy others, to do evil things as we always say ” the love of money is the root of all evil”.

    That’s why it’s important to use our money wisely. Use it for the best, not for the worst. We should not confine our wealth to ourselves and our families, but use it to make others happy, by helping them fulfill their dreams and restore hope to the hopeless. In the end of the day, the wealth that that we have came from God, Our Father, and we are just mere stewards of his possessions. It really feels good to pay it forward. Let’s be a blessing to one another.