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Leave a little joy wherever you go. That’s our 2015 Giving Journal theme for the month! Through the small things or big things, we encourage you to be a source of joy for others and spread good cheer to the people around you! If you’re thinking you need to do something grand in order to do this- think again. It doesn’t take a lot to make others happy. Sometimes, all it takes is a genuine gesture that shows them how much you care- no matter how simple this may be.

Because we want to give you the extra push to live a life of overflows and inspire you to touch the lives of others in even the simplest of ways, we created post-it notes that you can give out to others as a means of spreading joy. Know someone who’s been feeling a little blue? Remind them to smile. Have an officemate who’s been putting in long hours at work, day in and day out? Remind them to relax. How about that friend who feels as though the world is against him/her, and that nothing ever seems to be right? Remind them to focus on the good. Or how about that insecure sibling entering college who has self-doubts that s/he will excel? Remind them that they are amazing and that you believe in them.

Wouldn’t receiving a small note of encouragement and appreciation when you least expect it and when you need it the most cheer you up and brighten your day? It would, wouldn’t it? Then give them freely to others without expecting anything in return! Always remember: if you’re unsure of how you can make others happy, just think of the things that make you happy and then commit to doing them for others. That’s a surefire way of spreading happiness to the people around you.

Our downloadables are free for everyone in our Brew Your Best Year Community! It’s our special gift and our way of saying THANK YOU! Existing members will automatically receive the downloadables and for those who aren’t a part of our official listing yet, you can simply subscribe here. The freebie will be sent directly to your email right after subscribing!



How to make the post-it printables:

Step 1: Download the template we sent you through your email. Using a letter size paper (8.5 x 11 in), print out the page as scaled to 100%.

Step 2: Cover all the boxes with regular 3-inch sticky notes inside the dashed border of the square. Make sure the post-its are adhered properly, and try to flatten them to avoid paper jam problems.

Tip: We recommend printing on pastel post-its. The lighter colors will ensure that all the design details, as well as your handwritten sentiments, are easily seen.

Step 3: Place the paper with the post-its back to your printer tray and print the template again. As long as the straight adhesive edge goes in first, you shouldn’t have any problems with jamming the printer. We highly recommend figuring out first how your printer loads paper.

Step 4: Finished! Peel off the post-it notes and place it wherever you want. If you want to print more copies, you may use the template again and cover the boxes with blank sticky notes.

It’s fun. It’s quick. And it’s inexpensive! As you go through your day-to-day activities, we hope that seeing these messages will add that extra motivation for you to overcome challenges and inspire you to continuously do what you love.

Happy printing and sharing!


We’d love to see what you did with our August downloadable! Share with us how you used our freebies on any of your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) using the hashtag #brew2015 or submit your stories via our Contribute page so we can feature them here on the website!

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    1. Brew Your Best Year Editor says:

      Thank you, Vhidz! We’re glad you like them. Keep spreading joy and positivity!