#Brew2015 Wisdom of the Week

Too many people miss the best that life has to offer because they’re asking “What if I fail?” Instead, ask yourself, “What if I couldn’t fail?” See things through the lens of possibility, not barriers. You never know what amazing surprises you’ll discover when you go out and try.

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One Thought

  1. Aaron says:

    There are 5 things I would definitely do if I knew I wouldn’t fail:
    1. I will put all my money in my business. I will invest everything in my business, pushing it for expansion and growth as well as putting up more branches in the process.
    2. I will organize a non-government organization and hold events that will achieve my purpose of teaching people about financial literacy. It would really be a dream wherein normal individual can learn how to manage their finances and grow prosperously especially this new year. Having an organization of like-minded individuals with altruistic values working hand-in-hand to do this mission in the Philippines is a good start.
    3. I will apply for a position as an understudy of one of the esteemed professional in my course. Having to learn the ways and thought patterns of great individuals is one way to secure my position in the industry and at the same time be able to use what I learned to help others.
    4. I will be publishing various journals, articles, and researches related to my profession. I will gladly be conducting studies and researches which aims to address the current problems being encountered by the profession and uplift the professional standing.
    5. I will be open to entering a relationship… Enough said 😛