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From Dreams to Reality

For dreams to become reality, one has to set realistic goals and take persistent action.  Without action, dreams stay as mere daydreams inside one’s head.

As a child, I used to draw stick figures and caricatures of animals and celestial bodies.  But I quit drawing when I tried to copy some of my favorite cartoon characters and felt that my illustrations couldn’t match the ones I saw on TV or comics.  Instead, I turned to writing as a means to express my creativity.

Last year, various hardships took a toll on my mental and emotional well-being so that I felt too blocked to write for leisure or for work.  Only then did I remember my childhood daydreams of drawing for fun.  I began to take up free doodle workshops offered by various organizations, including the one from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  This made me realize that I have everything I need to start drawing: pen, paper, my own hands, and my imagination.

This year, I have decided to start my dream of learning basic drawing.  Every day I draw a miniature cartoon character on my planner within thirty minutes.  Sometimes the end result is satisfactory, while at other times it’s not.  The inconsistency of the results frustrates me at times, but I remind myself that I’m still a beginner and that it’s ok to fail.  What matters is that I keep drawing a bit every day and enjoy the process of unblocking my creativity without overwhelming myself with unrealistic goals such as aiming to draw like my favorite illustrators.

The handmade postcard I’ve created is a compilation of some of my attempts at drawing.  I do not know yet how far I’ll go with drawing — whether it’ll remain as a fun hobby or if it’ll evolve into a more serious passion. For now, knowing that I’m taking small steps towards improving my drawing skills is enough to add color into my life.

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