Shooting Star

If there is one word that could represent my being a friend to others, I would choose to be compared to a star.

The night sky would not be filled with awestruck wonders without it. And though oceans of these twinkling lights are always visible to the eye, others know amidst such thousands where I am – because I am shining through my own unique light.

It wouldn’t be the same without my giggles. And how I make a mark through their hearts by sharing them my own kind of universe that I often hear them say behind the reasons why I’m loved.

Sometimes I feel that they are more insane than I am when they randomly say that I am like Carbon (element) because I am peculiar. Or how they are reminded by me when they hear Taylor Swift Songs or whenever they see books because they know I love smelling its pages.

At times, a friend will text me when they see the moon because I love showing them how beautiful the moon is when it smiles. I share my love for the universe to people, and If I ever had a chance to find someone born with the same randomness as I do, I know I would always feel blessed to have them around as my friend.


About the Contributor

Mecha Deliguin is a writing enthusiast found herself lost in the world of Electronics Engineering.She is fascinated with the universe. She is also fond of reading books, travelling with people she love and most specially having a cup of tea. A person who speaks her mind and chases her dreams. She who believes that “if you want something, all the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it”

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