Community Member Feature: Lovey Marquez @artofmovementdotnet

“In 2016, my words for the year were wholeness, metamorphosis and reflection. For 2017, I think I may have found my word for the year which is co. It is a prefix originating from Latin and in the dictionary, the word “co” means “joint, jointly, together”. Guided by my word for the year, I plan to make my 2017 the best one yet by doing the following:


  • Grow in writing by writing with more honesty and widening the scope of literature that I read
  • Travel more mindfully and visit places that feel right to my heart
  • Create communities through organizing another soul travel retreat and hopefully a writing workshop(/s)
  • Be more proactive and consistent in my creative pursuits and spiritual learnings
  • Learn a new language and a new skill
  • Be braver, more vulnerable, more flexible in sharing myself to be able to connect more deeply in all my relationships, old and new
  • Thrive in collaborations
  • Be more intentional in showing up to the world
  • Stick to my daily self-love rituals, make spaces for contemplations

One of the things last year has taught me: two (or more) is better than one So let’s work together to brew our best year!”

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