#CoffeeBeanLife: Dustin Maderazo

Please tell us your full name and what you do.
I’m Ronald Dustin Maderazo. I’m an HR Lead Assistant Manager for recruitment.

When was the first time you stepped inside The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®?
It was 2013. I was at Eastwood working nearby.

How has your experience at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® changed since the first time?
It hasn’t changed. The food is always still so good, as well as the coffee. My usual orders are either the Chilled Spicy Chicken Salad, Food for Thought or Eggs Ben which fill me up in time for work since I usually skip breakfast, and the brewed coffee never fails to keep me energized through the day.

What keeps you coming back to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®?
I come here because of the experience and it has also become part of my daily routine. The team here is really dedicated to serving. They make it a point to really get to know me so they can be of better service every single time I visit – especially here at Two E-Comm.

What about our Two E-Comm store is special to you?
The first time was very special. Rina, who is now the manager, was still a barista back then. I asked her where I could plug my laptop to work and she said she would let me know when the customer sitting by the sockets was gone so that I could get a spot. That amazed me. I’m not used to being served like that in other coffee shops, but it’s really different here at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. It’s a very relaxed place where the sound isn’t that loud so it’s a perfect place to think, work or relax.

What, for you, is the defining factor of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®?
People here treat you like family. I really appreciate that they’ve gotten to know me beyond just my name. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® feels like family – that’s what defines the brand.

What brings about the feeling of family?
We have really good conversations. I can talk to them, they tell me what their experiences are and what’s going on with them; it’s really like a home. There’s a difference between an acquaintance and a friend, and I consider them friends. A team member, Gelai, had once given me a keychain. So when I was leaving for Bacolod, I wondered what I could give as pasalubong. I came back with magnets for each of them.

Lastly, how will you Brew Your Best Year?
The goals I’ve put in my vision board at home aren’t easily attained without hard work. So I will brew my best year by working hard to achieve those goals, and to live healthy so I can live long and take care of my family.


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