Third Year of Giving Through the Giving Journal

I read from a news article why we, Filipinos, like collecting stamps/stickers in exchange of a journal/planner. The article says that it’s probably because Filipinos like the “reward system” and feeling good after achieving a specific goal.

For the third consecutive year, I have chosen The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s “Giving Journal” as my “official personal journal”. This year’s theme is “Give Flavorfully”, which I personally believe true for the purpose why the journal exists.

Proceeds will go to the Real Life Foundation. Some people might say that it is costly to collect stamps/stickers, but it actually feels good when you know that your money will be able to help others.

What I also like about the journal is that the journey doesn’t end once you get the journal. There are different activities throughout the year which gives us opportunities to reach out to other people, and to improve ourselves. It also gives us the opportunity to share our works to others. Throughout the years, it’s glad to know that Coffee Bean was able to build up a community who believes in the purpose of the Giving Journal. And it continues to grow.

This year might not have been the best year for me, but the Giving Journal makes me believe that better things will come. I just have to believe and work hard for it.


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